In this short presentation, one of California's leading plastic surgeons will share his top three tips for keeping skin healthy, moist, and firm - without expensive lotions or moisturizers. Please make sure your sound is on!

Dr. Paul Chasan

In Today's Presentation, You'll Learn About...

  • The real reason that skin changes over time (and what to do about it)
  • Why collagen protein doesn't help with wrinkles (and could even be harmful)
  • The surprising grain with a skin-nourishing "superfood" molecule
  • A thirty-second bedtime skin therapy (and no, it's not a moisturizer or lotion)

Introducing CeraLift, From Del Mar Laboratories

The first-of-its-kind skin nourishing supplement combines patented superfood extracts and antioxidants, into one small capsule that you take nightly before bed.

Moisture Firmness

More moisture and firmness9

Combat Dermal Collapse

Helps combat Dermal Collapse8

Patented Ceramosides

Patented Ceramosides

Once A Day

Once-a-day at bedtime

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